Anodize Stainless Steel, Copper, Titanium & More

The benefits of anodization are well known in the aluminum industry.  The scratch proof, UV resistant, colorable, wearable, and electrically insulating aluminum oxide layer has been historically limited to relatively purer Al alloys.  AlumiPlate pure electroplated aluminum enables the anodization of any suitable substrate.  Imagine color anodized steel, stainless alloys, copper or even composites!

Fully dense electroplated aluminum is +99.99% pure and the only aluminized coating that can be reliably anodized.  The plating thickness can be specifically tailored for a superior anodize layer.  Because of its high purity, the resultant anodize is free from inclusions, impurities and non-uniformities seen in Al alloys.  Anodized electroplated aluminum exhibits better color uniformity, higher hardness, higher voltage breakdown and improved resistance to corrosion and chemical attack, coming close to the values of sapphire.

In particular, the highly pure Al layer offers an ideal basis for novel anodized cosmetic finishes for consumer electronics packaging because of the potential for unmatched color fidelity and uniformity.

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