Aerospace plating on Lockheed Martin Joint Strike

F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter

The AlumiPlate coating has been qualified for the most challenging worldwide operating environments of commercial and military aerospace programs. AlumiPlate is the preferred protective aerospace surface technology:

  • For corrosion protection,
  • as an enabler for weight savings, and
  • a provider of significant reduction of lifetime ownership costs.

AlumiPlate’s high purity and electrodeposited aluminum coating has been tested and implemented as the preferred corrosion protection for the latest US DoD aerospace programs.

AlumiPlate’s aerospace electroplating has received US Naval Air Systems Command technical approval for use in challenging worldwide NAVAIR environments.  As a critical technology used in many military programs, AlumiPlate has registered with DDTC as mandated by ITAR.

Aerospace plating on Sikorksy CH53 K Super Stallion

Sikorsky CH53K Super Stallion

If you require the highest corrosion protection performance possible for your high strength material substrate products and want to eliminate any concerns with RoHS / REACH / EPA regulations, please call us.

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