A Better IVD Aluminum Coating Alternative

Electroplated Aluminum is a superior alternative to IVD Aluminum, offering a more uniform, dense, and ductile coating, that surpasses MIL-DTL-83488D requirements.


Aluminum electroplating offers the most flexible process for aluminizing complex shapes, internal diameters and tightly controlled components.  Unlike other aluminizing processes like Ion Vapor Deposition (IVD) or physical vapor deposition (PVD), aluminum electroplating uniformly coats complex geometries because of its superior throwing and covering capabilities.  Conformal plating anodes, which cannot be used for vacuum processes, can be made to follow the contour of the part surface details for even better uniformity and control.

Components that cannot be IVD Al coated because of its line-of-sight nature, can now be electroplated with aluminum. Components currently plated can immediately benefit from the improved uniformity and performance of electroplated aluminum.


Electroplated aluminum is tough and dense, lacking the porous structure of ion vapor deposited aluminum. The plating can be built up to very thick layers (400 microns or more) and does not suffer from the low deposition rate limitations of vacuum coatings.

The pores in IVD Al must be closed with an additional shot peening densification step.  The mechanical peening process adds stresses that can damage or deform thin parts.  Thin sensitive components, screens and foils can be successfully electroplated without fear of such damage because the already 100% dense Al plating does not require any densification whatsoever.


Because of its dense structure and more uniform distribution, aluminum electroplating outperforms ion vapor deposited aluminum by a factor of at least 2X in corrosion testing.  A thinner, more uniform electroplated aluminum layer can replace a thicker, porous IVD aluminum coating while providing equal or better protection for tight tolerance parts.

Aluminized coatings are typically called out via MIL-DTL-83488D (DETAIL SPECIFICATION: COATING, ALUMINUM, HIGH PURITY). This is a performance specification with purity, corrosion, adhesion and coverage requirements for aluminum coating on various substrates.

Component drawings referencing MIL-DTL-83488 can be electroplated with aluminum for full compliance to this specification.

New components requiring excellent corrosion resistance can reference the following call-out for improved performance: Aluminum electroplating per MIL-DTL-83488, followed by Class and Type.

The table below shows a summary of the differences and superior characteristics of electroplated Al relative to IVD Al.

 AlumiPlate® AlIVD Al
Nominal Recommended Thickness0.0003"0.0003"
SO2 (ASTM G-85) Performance336+ hrs--
Salt Spray (B-117) Performance1000+ hrs500 hrs
RoHS and REACH CompliantYesYes
Drop-In Cad ReplacementYesNo
No Re-Embrittlement & No 24 hr HE BakeYesNo
High Temperature CapabilityUp to 1000 °FUp to 1000 °F
Sacrificial Protectionyes
No galvanic reaction with Al partsYesYes
Complex Geometries and ID'sYesNo
Tightly AdheringYesNo
Dense, Thin and ToughYesNo
Ductile, Formable and StampableYesNo

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