Programs & Approvals for AlumiPlate® Electrodeposited Aluminum Coating per MIL-DTL-83488

  1. CH53K Super Stallion – Landing Gear
  2. C5 Galaxy – Wheel Fuse Plugs
  3. M119A Howitzer – Eyebolts
  4. F-16 Fighting Falcon – Grounding Straps & Fuel Mesh Screens
  5. F-35 Lightning II – Landing Gear & Leading Edge Flap Actuator Sysytems
  6. BHT 4 Series Model 429 – Engine Drive Coupling
  7. B-2 Spirit – Radar Array Components
  8. F-18 Hornet – Radar Array Components
  9. F-22 Raptor – AlBeMet Electronics Components
  10. RQ-4 Global Hawk – Targeting Mirrors
  11. Navy Mine Sweeper – Structural high strength steel plates
  12. Army land program – Structural welded steel assemblies
  13. F-35 Lightning II – Electrical connector implementations — (MIL-DTL-38999)

This list is focused on military/aerospace applications,  such as coatings for the Joint Strike Fighter F-35,  and it does not include the extensive industrial and commercial product/program implementations of AlumiPlate technology.

The above list provides the most recent information on MIL-DTL-83488 programs and does not include legacy (and black) program implementations.

Specifications for AlumiPlate® Electrodeposited Aluminum Coating

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