What Makes Our Aluminum Electroplating Process Unique?

The AlumiPlate aluminum electroplating process is unique for one fundamental reason: Aluminum cannot be electrodeposited from an aqueous solution. Turning this physical problem into an opportunity is what AlumiPlate is all about.

AlumiPlate has been using a solvent based electrolyte very successfully and safely since 1995.  The original technology was developed and reported by the Max-Planck-Institute in Germany in 1990.  The chemistry and process of electroplating with aluminum is not proprietary. We know how to operate this process in an efficient and effective manner, year after year. This is our core proprietary knowledge. Our successful implementation of electroplating aluminum is based on AlumiPlate technical know-how and commercial production since 1995.

  • Aluminum electroplating processThe AlumiPlate Process is completely enclosed in a sealed processing chamber.
  • Air emissions are completely controlled and are far below permitted levels.
  • Finished high purity aluminum electroplated products contain no solvent, no solvent is removed (or baked or evaporated) from the coating during processing.
  • Waste solvent is burned cleanly in a commercial blended fuels process that renders an energy benefit.
  • AlumiPlate exceeds all OSHA requirements. Our aluminum electroplating production workers are not exposed to solvent vapors.

AlumiPlate has all required permits from the State of Minnesota and has maintained excellent compliance since inception in 1995.

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