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Anodize Properties Al 6061 vs Al plating

>99.99% pure Electroplated High Purity AlumiPlate® Aluminum provides superior corrosion protection with less contamination, reduced scrap, lower maintenance costs, and extended service life.

High purity Al is dense, and free of voids and defects. It can be uniformly deposited to any thickness serving as an ideal protective coating for semiconductor fabrication equipment and solar manufacturing components.

  • 99.99% Al coating is free of voids and alloying elements, with extremely low levels of contaminants.
  • The thin and dense Al coating prevents diffusion of trace elements in Al 6061 and other materials mitigating contamination in the chamber processing environment.
  • Enables higher performance and longer life of critical semiconductor etching and deposition process components, thereby allowing effective migration to reduced integrated circuit feature sizes.
  • Offers aluminum plasma oxidation coating protection at unprecedented levels with very high corrosion resistance and dielectric strength. Breakdown voltages measure in excess of 2,000 volts per 0.001″ of aluminum oxide coating layer thickness.
  • Unlocks the full performance of standard and next-generation anodization of semiconductor fabrication equipment.
  • Transforms the surface of any structural substrate with the application of a high purity aluminum coating facilitating the use of the highest performance and highest value materials.

Independent lab testing results are included in our white paper, High Purity Electroplated Aluminum Coatings for Critical Components in Dry Etch and Process Chamber Environments


A Dense and Impenetrable Elemental Al Barrier to Diffusion

Trace elements and impurities are orders of magnitude lower than those found in Al alloys (as indicated in the table below). A dense, void-free structure acts as an impervious barrier to diffusion of substrate contaminants and corrosion products at temperatures as high as 450 °C.

Table of trace elements and impurities

Unprotected components can immediately be protected from the aggressive gases and acids used during semiconductor etching and deposition cycles. Pure Al prevents Copper and Zinc contamination by simultaneously retarding corrosion of the substrate, and presenting a physical barrier to high temperature elemental diffusion.

A Superior Anodized Surface on any Material with >99.99% Pure Aluminum

Electroplated aluminum facilitates the use of non-traditional materials that have attractive properties for a specific application. Until now, the limited compatibility of these materials with the end-use environment precluded their use in semiconductor environments.

Specifically, corrosion resistant pure Al alloys do not possess the mechanical properties necessary for structural applications.  They can be difficult and expensive to procure with extremely long lead times for custom alloys.  Even if available, specialized techniques may be required during component fabrication, negatively affecting yields, costs and leads times.

By electroplating the component with >99.99% pure aluminum, material and design engineers can take advantage of the relevant bulk material properties (strength, thermal conductivity, CTE, stiffness, machinability, etc.) AND enhance service life.

Anodize Properties AlumiPlate® Al Al 6061
Corrosion Resistance HCl Bubble Test (Hrs) >100 5
Breakdown Voltage (V/mil) >2000 1000
Zinc Content (ppm) <0.5 180
Structure Optimum Voids & Defects
Microhardness (VHN) 325-575 300-500
  • Anodized electroplated Al significantly outperforms anodized Al 6061 offering improved corrosion resistance, purity and di-electric strength.
  • Provides a much purer aluminum oxide coating layer than anodized Al 6061, with orders of magnitude lower levels of contaminants.
  • The Al plating can be adjusted and controlled based on required anodization thickness (standard Types I, II, III or high performance oxalic and mixed-acid).
  • Not limited to Al alloys, facilitating the use of Fe and Ni-based super alloys, SST, copper, graphite, or any other material.

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