Our Aluminum Plating Company History

AlumiPlate was founded in 1995 by David Dayton, who purchased all worldwide rights and patents to the Sigal process, developed by Siemens and the Max Planck Institute over a period of 30 years. While interesting and useful, this original technology was not yet ready for widespread use. With a practical and single minded focus, AlumiPlate has developed and refined the process significantly to bring AlumiPlate aluminum to its present capability, able to serve a great many applications with reliable, repeatable and robust coating services.

Great technology is not enough. Know how gained by experience is essential!

The AlumiPlate metal plating company has conducted countless trials and been tested and evaluated by a wide variety of aerospace, research, governmental and industrial institutions, resulting in numerous reports and white papers. AlumiPlate has a great many approvals and specifications to assure its effective application in many diverse markets.

Today our facility in Minnesota regularly produces a wide variety of products, as sophisticated as spacecraft and aircraft; or essential as ground vehicles and naval vessels, tractors and trucks; as complex as scientific instruments and tools for leading edge research; and important as long lived corrosion resistant fasteners, couplings and housings for industrial use.

AlumiPlate is ready for you!

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