Coatings for Industrial Fittings

AlumiPlate’s electroplated aluminum coatings provide excellent corrosion protection against typical industrial, marine and agricultural corrosive environments & materials.  The as-plated coating is fully malleable to allow crimping and forming of industrial components after plating.

Coatings for industrial fittings

Industrial Fittings

Do your products get used in demanding applications where low cost and high corrosion performance are ever increasing requirements?  In the industrial world where components like fittings, connectors, brackets, etc. face high downward pressure on cost while application demands regarding service longevity skyrocket, uniquely high performing corrosion coatings for industrial fittings can give you the competitive edge.

AlumiPlate’s high purity electrodeposited aluminum coating has a long and stellar track record in helping our customers save cost while increasing performance.  Whether your application is in tube fittings for biofuel or mining applications or brackets and connectors used in a host of market applications, give us a call, we are surface engineering experts in helping you save money while satisfying your most demanding customers.

Contact us for more information on coatings for rigid conduit fittings and other products or to discuss your application in more detail.