Pure Aluminum Plating Research

AlumiPlate offers researchers and academicians a new tool for applications that require controlled deposits of very pure aluminum.  Electroplating does not suffer from limitations of other aluminizing processes.  The pure aluminum (AI) plating process results in ultra-high purity deposits of 99.99% Al, free of inclusions and impurities.  The deposition rate is much higher than that of vacuum deposits (such as ion vapor, chemical vapor or physical vapor deposition).  Furthermore, the thickness of pure aluminum (AI) coatings is not self-limiting and allows for build-up of very thick layers.  Controlled deposits of 100, 200, 500, 1000 micrometers (or more as needed) are possible.

Unlike line-of-sight processes, electroplating provides excellent covering power for uniform plating of small or complex geometries.  Components with high aspect ratios or requiring precision deposits are plated with supplementary anodes, another advantage of electroplating.

AlumiPlate has invested in the latest periodic-pulse-reverse (PPR) rectifiers and automation technology.  The aluminum plating structure can be tailored to specific requirements for purity, morphology, roughness and uniformity by modifying the waveform profile of the alternating current.  The waveform can be varied in almost an infinite number of ways, allowing for the ultimate degree of control and customization of the resultant deposit.  The automated plating process controls and records critical parameters.  These process data represent an invaluable tool for further analysis and optimization for designed experiments in pure AI research.

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