Connector Plating

Electrical connectors with aluminum plating

Electrical Connectors

Suitable alternatives to cadmium connector plating are difficult to find due to the performance requirements of electrical connectors.

Connector plating replacement candidates have been expected to be “drop-in”, offering the same or better performance as cadmium with no increase in cost, no base product redesign, and no compromise in meeting the various end use application specifications. And, environmental mandates continue to drive the search for and evaluation of candidate replacement coatings.

Scores of products have been developed and tested for this difficult application, yet no single product has offered a true “drop in” replacement for cadmium – until AlumiPlate.

AlumiPlate offers an aluminum connector plating that is proven as an attractive alternative in the most demanding commercial and military electrical connector applications. This environmentally friendly coating technology offers improved resistance on both metal and composite substrate connectors and meets or exceeds all relevant military specifications for aerospace environments.

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