The AlumiPlate® aluminum plating process is environmentally friendly, with no deleterious ESOH issues, and yields a pure aluminum coating that is RoHS and REACH compliant.

Tranquil MN woods landscapeAlumiPlate is permitted for, and since 1995 has been in continuous compliance with, all environmental rules and regulations. Electroplated aluminum is RoHS and REACH compliant facilitating the elimination of hazardous coatings like cadmium (Cd).  Pure electroplated aluminum provides a high performance and environmentally friendly alternative, a previously unavailable option for materials and corrosion engineers.

The aluminum electroplating process has been designed with consideration to the environment and has the potential for zero emissions. In particular, our solvent based processing steps are managed to recycle or reuse all liquid wastes, using simple, affordable and readily available processes. There is no worker exposure to solvent fumes or any other hazardous substances, as noted in many third party audits and compliance inspections of our facility. Unlike alternative coatings, the entire life cycle of products with AlumiPlate aluminum is benign.

The AlumiPlate aluminum plating process itself is not hazardous to workers or the environment; the coating does not contain any toxic materials; the coated products may be disposed of easily and safely; and the chemicals used for processing are easily, safely and effectively managed.

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