Electroplated Aluminum Coating Benefits

AlumiPlate® Aluminum Coating Technology Yields 99.99% Pure Aluminum

Pure electroplated aluminum has a variety of beneficial properties and features useful to many applications in a variety of markets and industries.

  • High purity aluminum coating (99.99% Al) is free of contaminants and inclusions
  • Non-hazardous, meeting requirements of RoHS, REACH and WEEE
  • High ductility and adhesion allowing forming, crimping and machining after plating
  • High electrical conductivity ideal for electrical connectors
  • High thermal conductivity suitable for thermal management applications
  • High service temperature capability of 400 °C and even higher for intermittent exposure
  • Dense, thin and tough providing excellent barrier protection
  • Sacrificially protects substrates from Aluminum alloys to steels to titanium
  • No limit on plating thickness for applications requiring a thick coating (>500 µm/0.020” coatings are achievable)
  • Non-embrittling, ideal protection for high strength steel, stainless steel and titanium components
  • Able to withstand severe thermal cycling down to cryogenic temperatures
  • Can be anodized, enhancing the anodization of Aluminum alloys and enabling the anodization of non-Aluminum alloys (copper and steel can be anodized after Aluminum plating)
  • Type I Superconductor at 1.2 K
  • Transparent to neutrons (low atomic Z number and low neutron cross section result in high neutron transmission probability of 96-99% for 0-10 MeV energy range)

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