Technical Publications

US Naval Air Systems Command Approval for AlumiPlate

Technical Approval Memo for AlumiPlate on US NAVAIR High Strength Steel – AIR 4.3.4, per Ser 434300A/9.5112, June 25, 2009 (pdf file)

Technical Data & Presentations

US DoD Advanced Surface Engineering Technologies for Sustainable Defense (ASETSDefense) – Technical Workshop Presentations (2000 thru 2012)

Technical Reports and Testing:

US DoD Joint Cadmium Alternatives Team Technical Report  – Weapon System Technical, Logistical, and Sustainment Support FA8601-05F-0011, CDRL: A0020 Testing Cadmium Alternatives for High Strength Steel Phase II Joint Test Report November 23, 2009 (pdf file)

Brochures & Appplication Notes (pdf files):

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