Reference Characteristics

Reference Pure Aluminum Mechanical Properties

Electroplated aluminum has similar physical and mechanical properties as fundamentally pure aluminum.

The AlumiPlate® aluminum electroplating process is unique in its capability to yield very pure, dense and thick aluminum coatings. These features have made AlumiPlate aluminum an attractive and consistent source for academic and research investigations of pure aluminum properties and potential applications.

The highly pure aluminum plating was characterized by measuring a variety of properties relevant to electrodeposited coatings. Because of its purity, electroplated aluminum shares similar physical and mechanical properties with other high purity aluminum materials.

For your convenient review, we have collected important characterization information. The following table of physical properties for high purity (99.95%), super purity (99.996%) and extreme purity (>99.996%) aluminum is presented below for reference:

Table 1 – Physical and Mechanical Properties of Pure Aluminum Materials

Properties (Reference Only)Pure Aluminum Materials
Purity (High, Super and Extreme Purity Aluminum)99.95 to > 99.9960%
Naturally-Occurring Oxide Layer Thickness (maximum)100 Å
Yield Strength (Room Temperature)3200 psi
Tensile Strength (Room Temperature)7100 psi
Elongation (Room Temperature)50 to 65%
Brinell Hardness (Room Temperature)12-16
Melting Point660 °C
Thermal Expansion (Cryogenic -263 °C)0.05 micro-cm/cm/°C
Thermal Expansion (Low Temp. 0 °C)22.5 micro-cm/cm/°C
Thermal Expansion (High Temp. 400 °C)26.5 micro-cm/cm/°C
Thermal Neutron Cross Section0.21 barn (10-24 sq cm)
Lattice Constant4.04958 +/- 0.000025 Å at 25 °C
Density2.698 g/cm3
Linear Coefficient of Thermal Expansion22.5 X 10-6 cm/cm/ °C
Thermal Conductivity0.59 cal/sq cm/cm/sec/°C at 25 °C
Type I Superconductor, Critical Temperature (Tc)-271 °C
Volume Resistivity2.6458 microohm-cm at 20 °C
Volume Conductivity64.94% IACS
Mass Temperature Coefficient of Resistance0.00429 at 20 °C
Magnetic Susceptibility0.6276 X 10-6 per g
Reflectance, Visible Light (polished or machined surface)85 to 90%
Emissivity at 9.3 micrometers3%
Surface Tension900 dynes/cm at 700 °C
Viscosity0.0125 poise at 700 °C
Heat Capacity5.82cal/mole/°C at 25 °C
Boiling Point2452 °C +/- 15 °C
Solution Potential, Standard Hydrogen Scale-1.66 v
Source: American Society of Metals, “Aluminum, Volume I. Properties, Physical Metallurgy and Phase Diagrams.”

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